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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

From Archaeology Magazine's E-Update -

January 13, 2005

Welcome to Archaeology's E-update!

New and updated on

Seaport Update: No Money for Archaeology
Six months after its board of directors fired seven South Street Seaport Museum employees, the fate of its 2-million-plus artifact collection and its research library and archive remain uncertain.

Interactive Dig: Excavating Hierakonpolis
Week Two of the stabilization and repair of King Khasekhemwy's Ceremonial Enclosure was recently posted! Stay tuned through February for more reports from the field.

Museum Review: Great Alexander in New York
Alexander the Great: Treasures from an Epic Era of Hellenism at the Onassis Cultural Center seeks to provide the historical and cultural context of Alexander as established from archaeology.

Television Review: En Route to the Truth
A new archaeological series titled "Digging for the Truth" debuts on the History Channel on January 24. Executive Editor Mark Rose lets you know what he thought of it.

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