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Friday, January 14, 2005

A Girl's Gotta Have a Hobby

Most of my friends* always seem to be surprised when they discover I knit and cross stitch. I'm just one of those people who has to keep my hands busy, even (especially) if I'm watching TV. I like knitting because I can "program" the pattern into my hands and then just let my fingers fly unsupervised; they seem to come to a natural stop the moment there's a mistake. Cross stitching (and yes, I know it's not 'real" embroidery; just ask The G's late great Aunts Weeze and Mudd) appeals to me because of the delicacy of the work and the sheer tactile joy of all that floss, and the visual appeal of all that color.

I had to give up knitting when I developed a repetitive stress injury that made it impossible to keep the grip for long; cross stitching seems to do a lot better in keeping my hands from seizing up. I can tell I've been working pretty hard on a couple of recent projects, though, because I've got pretty consistent pain in the back of my right hand and doing any sort of writing is not exactly comfortable. I suppose this is Himself's way of saying I need to get this last project done (finished last night) and get caught up on the sewing projects pile instead.

I've a pile of clothes I want to make, and a bigger pile that need repair (hems, zippers replaced, dry-rotted polyester lining replaced, etc). The one thing that keeps me plugging away at the needlework instead of the sewing machine is that the way I have to set up my workspace in my shoebox apartment (called the "Arabian" layout by my complex) keeps my back to the TV while I'm working. I have to concentrate too much to, say, play audiobooks in the background, but not enough to keep my brain even remotely solely focused on the task at hand (thus the need for the TV). Hrmf.

Oh, and for the record, the Pattern-a-Day Cross Stitch Desk Calendar suxxorz the Big One. Most of these patterns look like someone let their kid play in Paintbrush and then ran the results through a pattern conversion program with no regard for actual appeal or stitchability. Avoid it at all costs. You Have Been Warned.

*Of course, these are also the same people who were surprised to discover my beloved ex-husband is a quiet, short, geeky guy with a fondness for Brit humor and Neil Young, rather than a Tarzan-type into pickup trucks and Very Large Guns. Not sure where they would get that impression. But then, they also seemed to think I should have a Sex Swing in my bedroom, and if they really knew me they'd know I was WAY too damn klutzy to manage one of those. Also, in The G's defense, he does like Very Large Guns, especially while playing War in the Pacific or DOOM 3. Come to think of it, people who met him first always assumed I should be some little mousy sort who never said "boo". Guess they didn't know him any better than others knew me. :)


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