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Saturday, January 29, 2005

Squid joke from Himself

In the Blue Ridge Mountains, there was a retired sailor who was reputed to have the best hunting dog ever,a dog by the name of "Chief". Three Admirals went-up into the mountains and wanted to rent him. The old sailor said "good hunting dog, gonna cost ya $50.00 a day." They agreed and three days later came back with the limit. The next year they came back. "Chief" got better, "gonna cost you $75.00 a day." Again they agreed, and 2 days later they came back with the limit.

The third year they came back and told the old sailor they had to have "Chief",even if it cost $100.00 a day. "You can have the worthless mutt for $5.00 a day, and I'm overcharging you. Make it $4.00."

"But we don't understand, what happened to him?"

'Well a crew from the Navy base in Norfolk came up and rented him. One of the idiots called him Master Chief , and he's just been sitting on his ass barkin' ever since."


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