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Sunday, February 27, 2005

I made less than $20,000 last year. Gee, I don't have a digital camera...

Jeff Jarvis of Buzzmachine posts a group of lists of what he and others consider "vanishing Americana". Setting aside the snotty insults he tossed around in his own comments section (normally beneath him), I think these lists serve far better as examples of class and money differences than "disappearing Americana". As I responded to his post,

"And now a comment on the list from the rest of us who aren't fortunate enough to have a bazillion gadgets (people who make less than $25,000/yr) and/or work in a corporate office that does (you know, those of us who work for smaller manufacturers, in the service industry, etc):

Newspapers and magazines on paper? Great if you're lucky enough to afford a high speed connection and not be stuck on dialup. The vast majority of us down here on earth, however, still get ink on our fingers, and while magazines dedicated to news and politics might be just as easily read online, everything else (food and hobby magazines spring readily to mind) are so far better available and more easily read in paper format.

USPS is still cheaper than UPS and FedEx. To those of us in the groundlings corps, such things matter.

Switching to all-DVD music is great - if you can find it, and you can afford to make the transition (again, there's that pesky money issue).

Yeah, those of us who can't afford TiVO usually have remotes, but flicking channells during commercials is a bit too ADD for most of us.

Floppy disks vs online backup? Great, if you've got a place to do the backup, can afford it, have the connection, etc. Again, it's a money issue.

"Water cooler" shows go in cycles. Don't write them off yet because there'll be another one coming down the pike soon enough (if "Desperate Housewives" already hasn't).

So many of these things you and your commenters are slamming as obsolete (Christmas cards, knobs on washroom sinks, ice cube trays, cameras that use film, 411, etc) come down to $$$$. Those of you who have it (or work someplace that does), great. But those of us out here in the Great Unwashed won't be giving these things up anytime soon. You've hit on a class issue, Mr. Jarvis, and I really think it should be acknowledged as such. I am appalled to read that you and some of your commenters seem to think that because things are changing for *you* up on the financial Mt Olympus, it must be for the rest of us. Come down and hang on the broke side of town for a while."

Cross-posted to my LJ because yes, I am that cranky about it.


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