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Monday, February 21, 2005

Susmaryjosep, or something to that effect...

So Belmont Club, one of my favorite blogs, continues to follow the story of jihadism in SE Asia (and if you think this is something relatively new, you don't know much about The Phillipines).

Waiting for my personal Tagalog expert to get back to me with his opinion. In the meantime, follow Belmont's links for more.

UPDATE: From Himself, said expert -

Short language lesson:
Kayo - you plural
Ka - you singular
Hindi kayo nag-iisa - You (plural) are not alone.
Hindi ka nag-iisa - You (singular) are not alone.
Kayo is 2nd person plural, and like in a lot of other languages, can be
aimed at a single person to show respect.

Kumusta ka - Taxi driver
Kumusta kayo - Doctor
Kumusta po kayo - The mayor
Kumusta - Close friend


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