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Thursday, March 24, 2005


The state AG is finally talking about the lawsuit by the ICLU regarding the his intention to examine 73 Planned Parenthood records of girls under 14.

"When we have indications that children 12 and 13 years old have had sexual relations, which is a criminal activity in Indiana, then we are obviously concerned about those activities and the proper reporting of child abuse to authorities," Carter answered Wednesday.

He was talking about news that has gone national and resulted in a lawsuit, filed by the Indiana Civil Liberties Union on behalf of Planned Parenthood -- and is only just warming up.

As the column (and it is a column, not an article) goes on to point out, in this state children under the age of 14 are considered victims of sex abuse. If there is evidence that Planned Parenthood has not been turning this information over to the state - and there some (if somewhat questionable) evidence that they are, then the state AG is perfectly within the bounds of law to investigate.


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