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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

From Qando.Net, via Instapundit:

Finally, the NYT is on board with Democracy promotion in the Mideast. Glad to have you aboard, guys.

They are certainly hedging on the side of pessimism, and only giving grudging credit to the Bush administration, but it seems to be getting into their heads that they may have been on the wrong side here, it seems to me.

And that bit about the Bush Administration taking a "healthy" share of the credit? Nice understatement. Without the Bush Administration, none of this would be happening. They deserve the primary share of the credit, along with the governments of Tony Blair, John Howard, Alexander Kwasniewski and others.

What is happening reminds me of that heady year of 1989. For those of us who wee in Europe then, especially those of us who were serving there in active duty, it was an amazing time. Almost without warning, peaceful revolution swept across the continent, washing away the Soviet tyranny against which we had striven for decades.

When we look back on the 1980s now, it's not remembered as a decade in which a dim cowboy president courted global thermonuclear war, but as the decade when the USSR was brought down, the Warsaw Pact eliminated, and democratic governance came to Eastern Europe.

And if you still don't get it, may I suggest today's "Day by Day"?

See, I *do* remember 1989 - and this *does* feel a helluva lot like it. In the mid 1980s, when I was on active duty, it really was all about the Evil Empire. I get the same vibes today about terrorism and the non-democratic ME as we got then about Communism and the Warsaw Pact. I can remember lighting a candle in the window for the Polish shipyard workers of Solidarity. I remember studying Czech and wondering when - not if - the time would come I'd be using it. And I remember staring incredulously as thousands of Germans, East and West, scrambled over that awful, awful wall. I even remember breaking down in tears as the President finally ordered Looking Glass to stand down. That more than anything told me that it was finally all over, and that we'd won.

And I've no doubt we're going to win here. Election, after election after election...we're going to win. Afghanistan, Iraq, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine, and now Lebanon, we're going to win. Continue to hate the President with a viper's personal poison all you want, but I don't care. We're going to win. We, the free peoples of the world, are ALL of us going to win, and our numbers will grow.

We're going to win.


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