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Monday, March 14, 2005

Get out your Ray-Bans and autograph books!

From the Indy Star, via AP:

MADISON, Ind. -- Hollywood and some of its stars were expected to come to the city for a long-awaited debut of a movie partly shot in the Ohio River community six years ago.

After a string of expected openings, the independent film "Madison," shot in 1999, should premiere in the community on April 16, The Courier-Journal of Louisville, Ky., reported.

Indiana native Bill Bindley wrote and directed the movie, which was set in 1971 and resembled "Hoosiers" in that it was about small-town values and an underdog. It stars Jim Caviezel -- "The Passion of the Christ" star -- and focused on a community-owned powerboat, Miss Madison, and its push to defy the odds to earn top prize during the city's annual powerboat regatta on the Ohio River.

Caviezel, co-star Jake Lloyd -- Anakin Skywalker in "The Phantom Menace" Star Wars film -- and Bruce Dern were expected to attend the opening, officials said.

Linda Lytle, executive director of the area's convention and visitors bureau, said the city would host the premiere.

"We're trying to make it as nice as we can," she said

The last time Hollywood came to the city was 1958 to film "Some Came Running," starring Frank Sinatra.

Lessee....we've got "Breaking Away", "Hoosiers", "Rudy" and now "Madison". Gotta be something in the corn. I went to IU and grew up not far from Bloomington, so of course "Breaking Away" is a favorite film. My father went to Butler University and both of my parents were at the *real* game depicted in "Hoosiers" (never watch this film with my parents, for you will spend the entire movie deluged in Hoosier basketball arcana and fact-checking, and yes, that bloody well IS Ray Crowe playing the coach of the South Bend team). Notre Dame is Hoosier by geography rather than personality, I'm afraid. We'll have to see how this film visit to Kentuckiana goes. Must, must see.


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