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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

And now a few words on job hunting.

I fucking hate it.

Thank god I can temp or else my unemployment would ahve run out months ago and I'd be living in my car, feeding my cats off the leftovers salvaged from my job at McDonald's. See, I'm a damn good secretary but no one wants to hire me. Oh, they'll interview me to be a receptionist or an entry-level admin assitant, but then in the interview they find out that I'm vastly overqualified, would be bored out of my skull, and refuse to believe my insistence that I'm "willing to help all departments" (gotta make my time in HD useful for something) and never call me back. The jobs I *am* qualified for never even call me for interviews because I don't have a traditional secretary-track resume (my main secretarial experience was in retail environments, and no one seems to read past the word retail).

Fucking A.

So I'm hereby giving up and applying back in retail. I have an interview at 5:00 tomorrow at Von Maur, a local snooty department store, for their Customer Service manager position. I hate retail. I hate it with a passion. But I'm good at it and I know I can do it and I can probably get someone to pay me to do it again. If I can find the *right* retail they'll have tuition reimbursement and I can get a Business Admin degree on their dime.

Heavens, but I hate retail. Time to go home, do my nails, press one of my suits.

::cue the crickets::